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Manufacturer : DVICO
Model : FusionHDTV5 Gold RT
MSRP : $199
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Add PC Power on/off with Remote to your HTPC 

DVICO add a new function to the popular Fusion HDTV Tuner card, the RT series Gold cards now offer PC boot on/off function using the Fusion Remote or power on/off before/after recording. You can  Turn your Home Theater PC on and off with a single button as well as schedule and record with ease.  Fusion Gold cards offer all you need to get up and running on your HDTV system, whether you're using XP or MCE.  The highly acclaimed LG Electronics 5th Generation tuner with improved  multi-path rejection as well as wider reception performance.  DVICO's Fusion 5 ships with low-profile bracket for integration into the smallest of PC chassis.  Record, watch, and store both over-the-air and unencrypted QAM broadcast HDTV shows on your PC.    



Key Features : 

  • Power Recording - Automatic PC on/off after recordings.

  • Remote Control Booting - Turn on/off your PC with Fusion Remote

  • High resolution - crystal clear picture quality

  • Record HDTV stream on HDD

  • Provides the best VGA compatibility

  • High resolution still screen capture

  • ATSC 18 formats and un-encrypted QAM compliant

  • DVD/MPEG4(DivX) Conversion

  • Compatible with Windows ME/ 2000/ XP/ MCE

  • Latest CX23882 chip set

  • More buffer for better compatibility

  • Low profile for slim PC


QAM decoding is under development due to the variations in Cable service providers.  QAM256 generally has been reported to work, although QAM64 still poses problems with the decoding software.  FusionHDTV QAM decoding is limited to only the non-encrypted channels available (generally the OTA local stations).


   Product Specifications:
   Processors Conexant CX23882 
5th Generation VSB demodualator from LG
   Input Connections 1x Coax Antenna/Cable "F" Connectors
S-Video Input (Convert to Composite with dongle)
Analog Audio Input
   System Requirements

DXVA based VGA cards
Pentium3 750MHz or faster with 128M memory
Celeron 900Mhz or faster with 128M memory
All ATI Radeon series
nVidia MX420,440,FX series VGA
Runs on WinME/2000/XP or later
Ultra-DMA66 IDE controller-HDD for recording
Requires one PCI slot

Non-DXVA based VGA cards
Pentium4 1.6GHz or faster with 128M memory
All Nvidia MX series and ATI Radeon series VGAs
DDR266 or faster memory
Runs on WinME/ 2000/ XP
/MCE or later
Ultra-DMA66 IDE controller-HDD for recording
Requires one PCI slot


Conexant CX23882 drivers
Dvico tuner driver
Dvico full software HDTV decoder
Dvico DxVA software HDTV decoder

   Software Package

HDTV reception and display
Record and playback the HDTV files
Recording reservation for upcoming TV programs
High resolution still-screen capturing
HD2MPEG converter: Converts HD stream to DVD or DivX
Direct DVHS control/ recording/ playback

DVICO Downloads
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Latest Drivers
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Spectrum LP49-DTV
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TViX S1 Slim
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