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Manufacturer : Zektor
Model : HDS4.1 
Description: Black 4x1 HDTV Component A/V Switcher
MSRP : $299
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Component/RGBHV/Multi-channel Audio Switcher


Is your HDTV limiting the number of component devices you can use?  Many newer video products like Progressive Scan DVD players, XBox, and HDTV set-top boxes require High-Band Component video connections, but most older HDTV sets often have one or two inputs.  Zektor offers high-quality component switcher with passive switching design to avoid video distortions, offering both high-definition video and analog/digital audio switching capability.  

The analog audio connections can be connected directly to the speakers of the TV and are ideal for use by kids or spouses  that do not want to turn on the audio system used with the digital connections.  The same connections can also be used as the H+V sync connection for use as RGBHV switcher, compatible with PC's and VGA based displays. 

The updated design allows the HDS4.1 to also be used as for multi-channel analog audio switcher.

 Key Features:

Four Inputs and One Component Video Output
Supports all HDTV modes 480i through 1080p, including 720p and 1080i. Each input consists of six analog channels (Pr/Pb/Y/Left/Right/CV) and one channel of Digital Audio. Analog audio channels are routed using the same high-bandwidth relay switches as the video channels, and can be used to route H & V components (with proper adapter cables) for an RGBHV switch, supports all RGBHV PC modes.

Passive Switching of Analog Signals
The HDS4.1 passively switches its analog signals using high quality relays designed specifically for switching low level signals such as those used in the audio and component video paths. When compared to an active analog switch (using analog switching ICs), relays are usually a more expensive solution for routing signals. However relays offer a switching quality like that of physically swapping cables, without the added noise and distortion that is inherent in active switches. This also allows the HDS4.1 to be used in reverse. The Output can be used as an input and switched to each of four outputs.

Break Before Make Switching Logic
Unlike our competitors, all of our relay based switches have always featured a 20 millisecond break before make switching sequence. The 20ms delay, when switching between inputs, guarantees that all relays have fully deactivated before the next input's relays activate, thereby preventing a momentary short between inputs.

Fully isolated analog grounds
The HDS4.1 features full isolation of its analog and digital grounds to eliminate digital noise from being superimposed on its analog signals, and to help eliminated ground loop problems.

5.1 Multichannel Audio Switch
Since there are six available analog channels, the HDS4.1 can easily be used as a four to one 5.1 multichannel audio switch. The fully passive design, and full isolation of the digital and analog grounds, makes the HDS4.1 ideal for switching analog audio signals.

High Quality Gold Clad, Silver-Palladium Relays
All analog signals are switched using high quality relays with gold clad, silver-palladium (AgPd) contacts. The combination of gold clad on silver-palladium while expensive, holds the highest rating for long life, when switching low level signals such as those found in analog audio and video paths. Each analog channel is routed using a separate relay, thus reducing the possibility of cross talk between channels, when compared to the less expensive design of using multi-contact relays and routing multiple signals through a single relay.

Gold Plated Connections
Gold plated RCA connectors are used throughout the design to reduce the possibility of contact generated noise caused by corrosion.

Toslink and SPDIF Digital Audio
Both Toslink (Optical) and SPDIF (Coax) can be routed through the HDS4.1. Either input will be accepted and both Toslink and SPDIF are available as outputs simultaneously. All conversions between formats are done as needed.

Features Zektor's Exclusive IIR Learning
The HDS4.1 features Zektor's exclusive IIR (Intelligent Infra-Red) learning. Zektor's IIR learning allows the HDS4 to work with virtually any remote control! Control the HDS4.1 with an obsolete TV remote. The HDS4.1 also works great with any universal remote control.

Front Panel Control of Switching
Front panel buttons are available to directly select each input. You are not forced to sequence through all inputs when switching from input two back to input one!

Full Featured Remote Control Interface
A full featured IR command set is available using any remote control, commands are: Power Toggle, Direct Channel Selection of each input, and for better integration with universal remotes with macro capabilities, the discrete commands Power On, and Power Off are also available.

Auto Dimming Display
The LED indicator lights can be set to Bright, Dim, Auto Dim, or Off. The Auto Dim mode will fade the LEDs from the Bright setting to the Dim setting about 4 seconds after a channel is selected.

Adjustable Front Panel LED intensities
The intensity levels of the front panel LEDs are fully adjustable, allowing the HDS4.1 to be used in a wide range of lighting conditions. The front panel can even be made to gently dim its front panels lights to 'off' when the front panel is not in use.

Rack Mountable Metal Enclosure (1RU)
Enclosed in a heavy gauged, steel chassis, and with fully adjustable front panel LED intensities, the HDS4.1 easily integrates into your existing home theater environment.

Optional International Power Supply
Available with an international power supply for 90-264VAC, 47-63Hz operation. The international supply comes with adapters for UK, EURO, AUS and USA use.


   Product Specifications


Bandwidth @-0.1db:  700 MHz, all channels 
Bandwidth @-3db:  Greater than 200MHz, all channels
Resolution: 480i-1080p, all HDTV modes

   Digital Audio

Inputs : 4 Coax (S/PDIF), 4 Optical (Toslink)
Outputs : 2 Coax, 1 Optical (Simultaneous)
Clock Frequencies:
Optical : 100kHz-13.2MHz
     Coax : DC - 50MHz
Digital Audio Modes : PCM, DD5.1, DTS, All Modes
Coax Input Levels:  200mV-6.0V
Coax Output Level :  500mV nominal

   Power Requirements   90-120VAC, 60Hz, 15W 
   Optional International

90-264VAC, 47-63Hz, 15W 

   Power Supply Wall Mount, 9V @ 500ma, U.L. Listed
   Dimensions 17" W x 6.5" D x 1.75" H
   Warranty Info 2 Year parts and labor
Rackmount Brackets
  MSRP 24.95
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220V Int'l Power Supply Option
  MSRP $49.95
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