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Manufacturer : Key Digital
Model : KD-DA6
MSRP : $599
Our Price : Item discontinued
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6-Channel Component Video/Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier

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Key Features

• Enables signal distribution from any HDTV or SDTV Component Video source to Component Video HDTV ready monitors.
• KD-DA6, can drive 6 monitors.
• Component Video and Left, Right; Digital PCM audio can be used instead of Left, Right.
• RCA connectors for all video and audio inputs and outputs.
• 120MHz bandwidth.

Key Benefits

• Drives cable up to 300 feet.
• Can be cascaded to other KD-DA6 or KD-DA12 to drive as many outputs as desired from one source.
• External power supply.
• Crystal clear image.
• Metal Enclosure.
• Cost effective.
• 2 years parts and labor warranty.

   Product Specifications


One group of five RCA connectors consist of independent HDTV/SDTV Component Video (YPrPb) 
plus two channels audio L&R

Video: Standard YPrPb (YCrCb) 1 volt p-p 75 Ohm terminated Component Video.  
Video bandwidth: -3 Db @ 120 MHz

Audio:  Standard "line" type high impedance two-channel L,R.   
Each L or R could be used for PCM digital audio.  Audio bandwidth: flat 20 Hz to 50 MHz.

   Output Six groups of five RCA connectors each. 
Each group consist of independent HDTV/SDTV Component Video (YPrPb) plus two channels audio L&R.

   Bandwidth 120MHz

+/- 5V DC. 110-120 VAC, 60 Hz (7 watts) Must be used with supplied power supply

   Dimension 4" x 8" x 1-13/16"
   Weight 3 lbs.
   Warranty Info 2 Years limited warranty
Replacement Power Supply KD-PS6V5AP

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