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Manufacturer : Key Digital
Model : KD-HDXplorer KD-PC2
Description: HDMI/ Component scaler card for Pioneer Plasma
MSRP : $999
Our Price : CALL!   
Add to shopping cart    Discontinued.....See Aurora Multimedia TVP-500F

HDCP HDMI Scaler Card for Pioneer Plasma 

KD-PC2 by Key Digital® is the most advanced digital video processor and video switcher plug-in card available today for Pioneer™ Plasma Displays. USA models: PRO-1010HD, PRO-810HD, PDP-434CMX, PDP-425CMX, PDP-427CMX, PDP-504CMX, PDP-505CMX, PDP-507CMX, PDP-607CMX Europe/International models: PDP-60MXE20 PDP-50MXE20 PDP-42MXE20 PDP-42MXE10 PDP-50MXE11 PDP-50MXE10 PDP-43MXE10 PDP-42MXE10 PDP-50MXE1. KD-PC2, with HDMI (HDCP) digital inputs and multiple analog inputs, is a full-function digital video processor that pristinely converts input video formats to the native resolution of the Pioneer Plasma display. Four HDMI with HDCP inputs ensure pristine, all-digital plug-and-play interface to Pioneer Plasma Displays. Conveniently, there are separate analog video input connectors for RGB(HV), Component Video (YPbPr), S-Video, Composite Video (CV). Pioneer™ is a registered trademark of Pioneer.

Art of building the perfect video card for Pioneer

The CMX series populated with HD-Xplorer Scaler Card add four HDCP compliant HDMI connections as well as VGA, Component, S-Video and Composite video inputs.  The HD-Xplorer features Key Digital's ClearMatrix Pro scaling engine that converts both SD and HD to the native resolution of the panel, as well as accept HDMI Y-PB-PR video for the most accurate and full range processed video.  The HD-Xplorer add-in card features operation with both 50Hz and 60Hz sources (for PAL compatibility) with native 1280x768p pixel perfect digital processing, the first of its type. 

With built in test patterns, additional remote controls, and the extended choice of inputs, the PDP-505CMX coupled with Key Digital's HD-Xplorer exceeds the capability of most consumer model displays, no need to purchase another video accessory with this winning combination.  

Compatible Plasmas :

USA Pioneer Models

European/International Pioneer Models

  • PDP-43MXE10

  • PDP-42MXE10

  • PDP-42MXE20

  • PDP-50MXE1

  • PDP-50MXE10

  • PDP-50MXE11

  • PDP-50MXE20

  • PDP-60MXE20

  • PRO-1010HD

  • PRO-810HD

Key Features:

  • 4 x HDMI with HDCP inputs for pristine, all-digital plug-and-play interface to Pioneer Plasma Displays

  • Separate analog video input connectors for RGB(HV), Component Video (YPbPr), S-Video, Composite Video (CV)

  • All-internal connections from the HD Xplorer™ card to the Pioneer Plasma Display through the Pioneer™ Plasma expansion card slot ensure crystal-clear HDTV images

  • Key Digital’s renowned Clear Matrix Pro® and SDS (Super Digital Scaling) technology deliver world-class scaling and picture quality, sizing any video source to precisely match the display’s native resolution

  • Supports all popular HD and SD source formats and resolutions, 60 Hz and 50 Hz, plus NTSC and PAL

  • A true digital video processor, lets all users adjust the picture with more controls than any of today’s displays

  • Audio In and Out with individual connectors for analog audio left and right stereo pairs, and SPDIF digital audio

  • Memorizes custom user-preference settings for each input

  • Software upgradeable

  • User-friendly on-screen-display, IR remote control with “hot” buttons, discrete codes (available), RS232 control via the Pioneer Plasma Display and is compatible with all control systems

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