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Manufacturer : Key Digital
Model : HD Spider KD-VP800
Description : VGA/RGBHV to Component Y-Pb-Pr Processor/Converter
MSRP : $750
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VGA to Component video processor/converter 

KD-VP800 allows connections of a VGA/RGBHV source to Component Video display. It supports most interlaced and progressive video formats, such as 480p(60Hz), 720(60Hz and 50HZ), 576p (50Hz), 1080i/540p (60Hz) and 50Hz.

Key Features

  • Connects PC Desktop or Laptop to HDTV Monitor
  • Supports cable runs up to 50 feet
  • Simple to operate with clearly labeled button controls on top
  • Scales VGA/RGBHV resolutions to Component video resolutions 
  • Supports most analog interlaced and progressive video formats at 50/60Hz like HDTV, NTSC, and PAL
  • Complies to RoHS, CE, WEEE
  • EPower : 100V to 240V at 50 and 60Hz

Key Benefits

  • Allows Connection of VGA/RGBHV source to Component Video display
  • Supports most interlaced and progressive video formats, such as 480p(60Hz), 720p(60Hz & 50Hz), 576p (50Hz), 1080i/540p (60Hz & 50 Hz) to all standard HDTV outputs
  • Supports Sync on Green
  • VGA/RGBHV pass-through allows you to simultaneously maintain connection with your VGA/RGBHV Monitor
  • Allows you to adjust different settings through an intuitive on-screen menu
  • Incorporates 5 Key Digital® Exclusive Technologies


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