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  Manufacturer : Key Digital
  Model : KD-VTCA2
  Description : VGA to Component (Y-Pb-Pr) Converter w/ VGA Loop-through
  MSRP : $199
  Digital Connection Price : 
 Item Discontinued   - See KD-VTCA3      




VGA to Component (Y-Pb-Pr) Converter with "ClearColor" Loop-through

Like Audio Authority, Key Digital offers the VGA to Component Transcoder.  For the consumer with 720p capable HDTV, the Key Digital transcoder is the perfect device to output this resolution to a component (Y-Pb-Pr) TV.  Used with Home Theater PCs (HTPC) or VGA based HDTV set-top-box such as RCA's DTC-100 and ProScan's PSHD105.  The added VGA Loop-through allows the use of a RGB monitor in conjunction with a component HDTV.

Why do I need this device?   

The current crop of HDTV decoders available on the market today are High-band Component Video input (3xRCA), as are most HD capable Digital TVs.  RCA/Thomson Consumer released their first HDTV Decoder with RGB output (VGA 15-pin), making most televisions incompatible with this affordably priced receiver/decoder.  The transcoder also allows a properly set-up PC connect to Component input based Digital TV.


How does it work? 

The ease of HD access via Satellite was limited to equipment that offered this type of input.   Unfortunately, most major manufacturers decided not to offer the RGB (VGA) feature connector, although technically the television was capable of displaying this type of signals.  The KD-VTC1 will transcode VGA signals to Component Video format, allowing a pass-thru from RGB devices.  Please note that the resolution is limited by your TV's scan frequency, translated to 640x480 (480p) or 960x540 (540p/1080i) or 1280x720 (720p) running in 60Hz Refresh Rate (Vertical Scan Frequency).  Please check your TV's owner's manual for frequency specifications.


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