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Manufacturer : V-Box
Model : Cats Eye USB-A3560
Description :
USB Portable HDTV Tuner/Receiver 
MSRP : $109/169
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V-Box Cat's Eye USB HDTV Tuner Receiver 

V-Box Communication's new Cat's Eye USB HDTV Tuner/Receiver goes where you need.  The portable USB Tuner is ideal for use with laptops or for PCs with limited PCI slots.  Connect an indoor antenna and watch/record HDTV in just minutes.  The Cat's Eye USB is simple to install for use with MCE (bare version) or with XP using BeyondTV SE with lifetime Electronic Guide Service (EPG) and FireFly Remote.  Cat's Eye USB HDTV tuner requires no external power.  

Requires USB 2.0

Installation of MCE requires additional NTSC Tuner.

XP Version features FireFly Remote and BeyonTV SE with lifetime Guide Service



Key Features : 

  • Available in MCE or XP Versions

  • USB2.0 BUS Powered Ports

  • Supports all Notebooks and Desktop PCs

  • Watch Analog and Digital TV Programs on Your PC

  • Record TV Programs to Hard Drive

  • Software decoder uses DxVA video card overlay


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USB-A3560 XP BeyonTV w/Guide
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Product Brochure
MCE Installation Guide
XP Installation Guide
Driver Link
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