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Welcome to the Digital Connection technical support page.  
Support available via phone at (714) 960-9814 during office hours Monday-Friday 9:00AM to 5:30PM PST.
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Cable Connection Guide - From composite to HDMI, a comprehensive guide to video connection types and the types of cables and converters are discussed.  Get connected, start here.    

Video Switcher Basics Guide - Trying to connect multiple devices to your TV?  Want to handle all the video sources in your home from one single location?  Learn about switches and matrix switches and how to control everything from a single location.

Fiber Optic Cable Guide - Have a need to cable long distances?  Need a cable that isn't affected by environmental noise and interference?  Fiber Optics offer perfect results without the headaches.

HDTV Basics and Free TV - Pay subscription fees to cable and satellite for premium service, or get it free from your local over-the-air stations....get to know all your options.       

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