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Key Digital Phantom HDLites KD-HD4x4Lite KD-HD6x6Lite KD-HD8x8Lite


Key Digital KD-MLV4X2 MultiView Matrix Switch


DVI to VGA Video Converter

Ophit DVI to VGA converter support UXGA 1600x1200 and 1920x1080 resolution.  Inline adapter is a snap to install.

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Key Digital KD-VP8 SD to HD Video Converter/Processor 
Convert your Composite, S-Video, Component  SD Video to HD Component (Analog) and HDMI (Digital) output and sent it out via CAT5 to your display.  Key Digital's video scaler with audio and CAT5 output is flexible for all types of SD sources as well as HDMI sources with video/audio in the highest image fidelity.      
Key Digital KD-VP8    Sale  $799.00




3D HDMI Product List
Start here on video how to:
Not enough HDMI video inputs?  Add more using a  switch. 
Distribution Amp/Splitter
Send a signal to more than one TV using a Distribution Amp.
Matrix Switch
Send and control multiple video devices to multiple TVs.  Solution for environments like conference rooms and bar/restaurants. 
Video Converters
Need to connect VGA device to HDMI?  DVI device to VGA?  VGA to DVI?  See our solutions.

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